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Sew It Seamz is the choice for people who want to make their home their own. Do you want custom home fashions? Do you love looking at fabrics, know what you want but just can’t find it? Are you willing to do some of the legwork to cut costs? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then Sew It Seamz  is for you. We can help you beautify your home so it reflects your personality.

     When working with Sew It Seamz, we will help you take all those fabulous ideas you have and transform them into reality using that ‘perfect’ fabric you found that you ‘just had to have’. Don’t know what you want? We can help. Using our expert knowledge, we can provide you with solutions to problem windows, custom curtains, fabric shades, or one of a kind pillows to brighten up your living room or bedroom.

     Maybe you have moved and those window treatments from your former home that match the great bedspread you love, don’t fit the new windows. Sew It Seamz will restyle them to compliment the new windows, thus helping to reduce your costs and recycling to help the environment. Or maybe you have part of an old quilt that would look wonderful as a throw pillow on the bed.

     Sew It Seamz can make this all happen. This is what makes a house a home.


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